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Buying For INvestment


Face it real estate investing is not for everyone and why would you invest in something you don’t completely understand. If that is the case connect with us, call, message, FaceTime, text, email and we can discuss your options for investing in Orlando & other Central Florida properties 

Types Of Real Estate Investing

Rental Properties


Owning a property that is not the primary residence that you rent out for additional revenue income. The most common would be having a 12-month lease on this property and placing tenant in to pay you monthly rent.

House Flipping


As seen on HGTV and celebrities trying to sell you home flipping courses, house flipping in Orlando is when you purchase a property, make renovations, and then sell it in a short time in hopes for profit. 

Short Term Rental & Vacation Homes


This would be a property purchased for daily rentals similar to a hotel room vs having a long term tenant in the property. Airbnb & VRBO are popular sites where you can post your home for rent. 

Commercial Investing


Perhaps you are interested in purchasing or developing a property with the intent to house commercial tenants. This could include retail, industrial, multifamily, office, and hotel. 


What Are Your Goals?


Depending on what your goals and investment strategy is here in Orlando, you may find that one of the options above is something you are considering or starting to explore and gather information. We have years of experience and a wealth of local market knowledge to share with you. Connect with us and we will assist you to achieve your real estate goals. Meet us for a coffee or schedule a call this week.