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Sell Your Orlando Home Faster

Sell Your Orlando Home Faster

Increasing Curb Appeal to Sell Your House Faster

So you plan to put your house on the market soon, and your real estate agent has told you that your house needs some curb appeal. While this may seem like just one more monumental task that needs to be done in order to get the best price possible for your house, the truth is that you can improve the curb appeal of your house without spending a lot of money. Best of all this will not only help your sales price and appeal, but it may make your home sell faster. The experts here at Lineage Real Estate will give you the pro tips to get the best possible price, terms, and close the deal with the least amount of stress. The list below is just to get you thinking, contact us to get a comprehensive pre-listing plan. 

Add A Coat Of Paint

No, it’s not necessary to paint the entire exterior of your house in order to make it look good, although if it’s needed, it’s worth considering. It’s pretty easy and relatively inexpensive to paint the front door of your house, the trim, or the shutters. A fresh coat of paint easily brightens up the look of your house and will be attractive to potential buyers.


New House Numbers and Mailbox

The house numbers and mailbox are often forgotten, but updating them can definitely improve the curb appeal of your house. House numbers fade after a few years of sunlight and weather, and your mailbox also suffers a lot of wear and tear. Again, these are items that are relatively inexpensive and don’t take much time to do.

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Every house will look better with the proper landscaping. While proper landscaping can take some time and may be more expensive than the previous suggestions, it’s well worth the time and expensive. Make sure the yard has been mowed, trim back the overgrown trees and bushes, and plant some colorful flowers. All of these things are guaranteed to dramatically improve the looks of your house.


Pressure Wash

This is another task that can dramatically improve how good your house looks, if you’re willing to spend the time on it. Pressure washing the exterior of your house, the porch or deck, the sidewalk, and the driveway will remove the layers of dirt and grime, even mold, that can build up over time.

Update the Walkway and Driveway

These are definitely more expensive than the other suggestions, but again, well worth the expense if you can afford it. No one likes to see a sidewalk or driveway with cracks, holes, and other signs of age. A newly paved driveway will add tons of curb appeal to your house and encourage potential buyers to look at the property more closely.

Clean the Windows

This costs practically nothing, just requires some of your time. When you’re getting ready to sell your home, you probably already know the importance of a clean house, but sometimes we forget about cleaning the exterior of the house. Clean windows show potential buyers that you care about the house, and that you’ve taken the time to demonstrate that care.

Many people think that they can buy or sell a house on their own, that there’s no need to use a realtor, so they think they’ll save some money and do it themselves. For some people, this might work. For most people, though, they’re missing out on the valuable knowledge and skills that a Lineage Real Estate agent can provide. Contact us below with questions, or check out the Top 10 Seller Mistakes.

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