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Mortgage Loam Application Form with a calculator and a pen on a desk

How To Buy A House (Even If You Have a Less-Than-Perfect Credit Score)

Buying a home is, for many people, an essential part of the American dream. But for people with...

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Black and White photo of a mom and a dad sitting with a little girl in a hat

10 Frequently Asked Questions Orlando Vacation Home Owners Should Consider

The idea of owning an Orlando vacation home that produces high monthly returns, free family...

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Red Paper House with multiple stacks of quarters surrounding it

Who Pays The Buyer’s Agent When You Buy A Home? You Might Be Surprised…

Do you ever wonder if you need to pay your real estate agent when you buy a home? If not, then...

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A man sitting at a table with a laptop talking with a woman across from him giving her a business presentation.

3 Reasons Your Real Estate Agent WANTS You To Bother Them

Real estate agents hear this all the time... “I wish I had called you before. But I just...

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Stack of money with a sign that says "Hidden Costs"

4 Hidden Costs Of Not Owning A Home

There's no arguing there's costs associated with owning a home. But the adverse is also true; there...

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Photo of young real estate professionals

Picking The Right Neighborhood: A Checklist For Young Professionals In The Market For A New Home

Whether you choose to live in a big city, a small town or somewhere in between, as a young...

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9 strategies to spark a bidding war button

Top 9 Strategies Sure To Spark A Bidding War

If you're planning to sell your home, you probably have a figure in mind you're hoping to fetch....

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Photo of a large house with a for sale sign in the front of it

19 Tips For Living In Your Home While It’s For Sale

It's one of the largest and most expensive assets most of us will ever own. It's where we lay our...

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two people shaking hands with 100 hundred dollar bills in the background

Why Do Real Estate Agents Ask If You’re Pre-approved?

Have you ever walked into an open house, or called a real estate agent about a listing, and within...

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two people sitting a a conference table

8 Ways A Great Real Estate Agent Can Change Your Life

A real estate transaction can be an exciting thing to experience, but it can also be nerve-wracking...

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puppy peaking through a fence

8 Ways Real Estate Agents Are Like Man’s Best Friend

As if loyalty, protection, and unconditional love aren’t enough, man’s best friend also...

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coffee on the table being held-an apple phone with macbook and notebook

Why You Shouldn’t Let A Website Tell You Your Home’s Value

Picture this... There's an inexperienced real estate agent in your town. He hasn't sold any...

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